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Makeup Know How

Make up trends, like fashions in clothing, undergo constant change. Certain colours periodically gain popularity, as do certain styles. We are each offered a unique opportunity to respond – whether we accept, adapt or reject. Although many women will readily update their wardrobe to include something of the latest season’s colours and styles, they are less likely to adapt their makeup to keep pace with changing trends and the development of new products. Some women only ever learn one way of applying makeup to their faces, and never stop to question what they are doing.

Applied correctly, makeup can enhance a woman’s beauty by accentuating striking features, or creating visual illusions, for example. A woman can use makeup to help her project an image of natural beauty, elegance or power, depending on what is appropriate. Applied incorrectly, however, makeup can actually detract from a woman’s looks. A face may look different after makeup has been applied, but not necessarily better. A ‘plain’ face may merely be turned into a ‘decorated’ face, instead of a fresh-looking, elegant or more youthful face.


  • Right foundation colour

  • Right face powder colour

  • Eye shadow colour to complement skintone

  • Blusher colour

  • Lipstick colour

  • Ways to draw the perfect eyebrow

  • Basic makeup techniques

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