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Personal Consultation

Online Colour Analysis + Aphrodite Color Fan

find best color for your skin

I will guide you about how select best color for your skin.

Whether you care about clothing or not, knowing what colors look good on you is important if you don’t want people to tell you you look sick all the time. Because an unflattering hue can drown you out in the worst way. 

Get a Basic Colour Analysis done online to find out what’s your best color to wear and at the same time receive a Color Fan .  This Color Fan will act as a guide when you go shopping for your clothes.

Once we receive the payment, a questionnaire will be sent to you.  Answer all the questions and email back to us together with 2 recent close-up photograph of yourself.  We will analyze the information received and determine what are the colors you will look good in.  We will mail you the Color Fan identifying the colors you look good in.

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* Understand the importance of color in dressing
* Determine your best color to wear
* Understand the importance of harmony of colors
* Identify your best make up and accessories colors

Duration 2 Hours

Get your Color Fan, This will act as a guide when you go shopping for your clothes.

Right Outfits

* Identify your figure type and body shape
* Learn how to accentuate your best features and camouflage figures to look your very best
* Identify hairstyles, eyewear and accessories to compliment your face shape
* Wardrobe planning according to your lifestyle and personality

Duration 2 Hours

This is essentially a lesson in proportion. The first step in evolving a distinctive yet long-term dressing style is for each man to master the standard scheme of tailored suit

Entire Image Management

* Identify your color type
* Choosing the right oufit to compliment your figure type and body shape
* Identify your face shape
* Understanding your skin type
* Make up techniques for a beautiful you Deportment

Duration 5 Hours

Exclusive offer and limited time offer in which you will be guide with perfect color, right outfit, business and personal etiquette and much more.

Business Dining Table

* Deportment ( The way you sit, stand and walk)
* Social graces and business etiquette
* Cultural differences
* Asian table manners
* Western table manners
* Buffet Manners

Duration 2 Hours

Dining Etiquette Rules For Dining At Business Meetings In Fancy Restaurants
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