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Lumiere De Vie Hommes


Skincare for the modern man starts with Lumiere de Vie Hommes – a brand featuring classic products with results. Uniquely formulated with high-quality, effective ingredients that penetrate even the toughest skin, this distinctive line works to combat uneven texture, dryness, and fatigued skin. Elevate your skincare with fresh, innovative formulas designed for every man. You’re tough, but your skin doesn’t have to be.

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Skin Intelligence

An all-inclusive botanical skincare line with natural extracts that soothe skin,  giving the appearance of healthy, vibrant skin. Provides alpha-hydroxy acids to help revitalize the skin. Plant-derived extracts like lemongrass and lavender help soothe skin naturally. Ingredients that are mild yet effective.

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Lumiere de Vie

Using the power of the sea and the earth, Lumiere de Vie helps provide revitalised radiance, improved clarity and younger-looking skin. With the highest-quality natural ingredients and powerful formulas that help rejuvenate, soothe, moisturise and protect. Lumier de Vie acts as first aid for your skin.  Put life and light into your skin with Lumiere de Vie.

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Cellular Laboratories

Anti-ageing skincare starts from the inside out. Cellular Laboratories is a revolutionary anti-ageing skincare line designed to support your skin on the cellular level using clinically tested and proven ingredients like Renovage® and Lumiskin® to help you look as young as you feel.

While other anti-aging skincare lines only focus on hydrating the skin, Cellular Laboratories goes beyond hydration, giving you results you can see and feel. Let Cellular Laboratories repair, renew and re-birth your skin.

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Timeless Prescription

Timeless Prescription goes beyond basic skin care to offer healthier skin with the provision of strong antioxidant protection. As we age, sun exposure, environmental factors and hormonal changes weaken our skin’s defences, leading to a number of unwanted effects, including fine lines and wrinkles, decreased skin thickness, uneven skin tone and texture, and skin dehydration. While other brands only address general skin care concerns, Timeless Prescription tackles specific problems that come about due to accelerated ageing. Timeless Prescription products help give your skin a younger and more vibrant look. Nourish, revitalise and renew your skin with Timeless Prescription!

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